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3 Day - Haunted Ghost Tour of Durham & Northumberland

This tour is designed so that a pre/post tour London extension can be added to the tour. Alternatively the tours can be combined to make a longer tour.

Day One - Ghost Tour of Durham - Durham Castle - Durham Cathedral - Durham
Today enjoy a private Ghost Tour of Durham, which is well known for its ghosts and at the foot of the steps, down from Elvet Bridge to Brown's Boathouse, lies the entrance to what was for years the Old County Jail. Jimmy Alien, once piper to the Duchess of Northumberland and a notorious horse stealer, was confined in this dungeon prison in 1803 awaiting transportation. He was a very old man and the sentence was never carried out. The Prince Regent seven years later wrote Jimmy's pardon but it arrived on the day of his death. There is an old story that his pipes can still be heard in the cells. A visit will be included to Durham Castle, where Lady Grey, the wife of a former Prince Bishop of Durham is seen mainly on the black staircase where she fell to her death. On then for a visit to Cathedral, a world heritage site with Norman architecture and the burial plan of St Cuthbert and the Venerable Bede. Check-in at your hotel in Durham before enjoying the rest of the day at leisure.

Day Two - Alnwick Castle - Bamburgh Castle - Northumberland
Today enjoy a morning visit to Alnwick Castle, where a vampire once frequented this castle and would emerge at night to attack the local villagers. An outbreak of plague was also attributed to the unholy creature, and this resulted in the villagers digging the monster up from its shallow grave and burning it.  On then to Bamburgh Castle, where an armoured clad knight is often heard stomping about the castle, sometimes rattling his chains. A ghostly woman in a green cloak is sometimes seen falling from the top of the castle, vanishing before she hits the ground. Check-in at your hotel in the area for the next 2 nights. This evening enjoy a special Ghost Tour of Chillingham Castle, featured on the television series “Most Haunted” with its many ghostly connections. The most famous, is that of the “Radiant Boy”, a childish wraith that is seen in the castles’ Pink Room, and whose heart-rending cries of either fear or pain, echo through the corridors upon the stroke of midnight. In the past, the cries always seemed to emanate from a spot close-by where a passage is cut through the ten feet thick wall, into the adjoining tower. As they faded away, a bright halo of light would appear and the figure of young boy, dressed in blue would approach those sleeping in the room. Later the bones of a child, surrounded by decaying fragments of blue cloth were found behind the wall where the haunting begins. They were given a Christian burial and thereafter, the “Radiant Boy” was seen no more. Until, that is, Sir Humphrey began letting the room. Some guests complain of a blue flash that shoots out of the wall in the dead of night. Although they attribute it to an electrical fault, Sir Humphrey is quick to point out that there are no electrics in or around that particular section of the wall. Another unquiet soul to stalk the castle is the spirit of Lady Berkeley, wife of Lord Grey, whose husband ran off with her own sister, Lady Henrietta and left her alone at the castle, with only their baby daughter for company. The rustle of her dress is sometimes heard as her invisible revenant sweeps along the rambling corridors, searching for her errant husband, and leaving a cold chill, not to mention bemused witnesses, in her ghostly wake.

Day Three - Holy Island - Lindisfarne Castle
Today enjoy a visit to Holy Island which is only accessible by road when the tides are out for a visit to Lindisfarne Castle, where St Cuthbert has been seen sitting in the ruins, and along the beach of Holy Island dressed in the traditional brown habit of monks. He makes holes in the stones, known locally as St Cuthbert's Beads, which bestow luck to their wearer. There are also sightings of a large hound that jumps from the castle ruins at people, before slinking back from where it came. This will be followed by a tour of the Island before returning to the mainland and to your hotel for overnight. 

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