Tours of Excellence
Tours of Excellence
Tours of Excellence

4 Day - Haunted Ghost Tour of London & York using public transport

Day One - Tower of London - Cruise on River Thames - Ghost Walk of London - Dinner in a Haunted Pub - London.
Morning visit to the Tower of London, where blood and death have been involved within its 900 year history and there is little wonder that it has the reputation as one of the most haunted places in Britain. There have been literally hundreds of executions on Tower Hill, from claimants to the throne, political activists and petty criminals. Many of the towers have also served as prisons and places of misery for people on the wrong side of powerful people. If anywhere could lay claim to a host of tortured souls it would be the Tower. It has been the home to the Crown Jewels for the last 600 years. This will be followed by a change of pace with a Cruise on the River Thames and the opportunity to view some of the famous landmarks. Enjoy some leisure time before a Ghost Walk of London to include dinner in a haunted pub.

Day Two - Open Top Bus Tour of York - York Dungeon - Ghost Walk of York – York
After breakfast take the train from London to York and on arrival drop off your luggage at your hotel. This will be followed by an Open top Bus Tour of the City, taking in the major sights. Continue for an afternoon visit to York Dungeon, buried beneath its very paving stones lies the North's most chillingly famous museum of horror. It brings more than 2,000 years of gruesomely authentic history vividly back to life and death. Enjoy some free time to explore the City before joining your tour guide at the Kings Arms Pub, the famous pub that floods for a Ghost Walk of this haunted city.

Day Three - Treasurer’s House - York Minster - 35 Stonegate (York's most haunted house) - York
Enjoy a morning visit to the Treasurer’s House, which was the seat of the treasurers of York Minister from the 12th century to 1546. The last treasurer William Cliffe resigned after all the treasure was removed during the dissolution of the monasteries. The house was extensively rebuilt in the 17th century. In 953 Harry Martindale, aged 18 at the time of the sighting, was working on a ladder in the cellars of the treasurers house, when he heard what he took to be the sound of a trumpet, and saw a soldiers helmet coming through the wall, followed by at least twenty troops. The soldiers were carrying round shields, lances, short swords and looked tired and dirty. The vision was as clear as day, but even more unusual was that the troops lower legs were not visible, as though they were marching on a road much lower than the present ground level. Later excavations revealed the remains of a Roman road, 18 inches below the surface of the cellar, the round shields of the troops is unusual as roman soldiers are usually depicted with the rectangular curved Scutum used by legionnaires, however, round shields were used by auxiliary troops in the 4th century. There were other sightings of similar phenomena in the 1920's and late 50’s. This will be followed by a visit to York Minster, where Dean Gale has appeared several times sitting in the pews, enjoying the sermon - years after he died! On then for a visit to 35 Stonegate, York’s most haunted house and countless visitors have felt the icy touch of invisible fingers and heard eerie screeching from the attic and the restless spirits still wander the rooms. Rest of the day is at leisure to independently explore the City.

Day Four - London
After breakfast take the return train back to London and drop off your luggage at your hotel. On then for a visit to the London Bridge Experience, voted the UK's 'best year round scare attraction, starting with a visit to the Tower Bridge Experience, with stunning special effects and real life characters, join fellow travellers through the history of London Bridge - just be ready for a few surprises along the way! After your London Bridge experiences, descend into the bowels of the bridge to visit the London Tombs and test your nerves in an experience that you won't forget. They DARE you not to be scared! Rest of the day is at leisure to independently explore the City.

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