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Tours of Excellence

USAAF Airfields Tour of England, UK

During the Second World War, the East of England became home to hundreds of US airmen. They began arriving in 1942, with many existing RAF (Royal Air Force) airfields made available to the USAAF (United States Army Air Force). By 1943 there were over 100,000 US airmen based in Britain. The largest concentration was in the East of England, where most of the 8th Air Force and some of the 9th were located on near a hundred bases. The 8th Air Force was the largest air striking force ever committed to battle, with the first units arriving in May 1942. The 9th Air Force was re-formed in England in October 1943 - it was the operator of the most formidable troop-carrying force ever assembled.

USAAF Airfields Tour of England, UK - Sample Inclusions

  • Opportunity to visit USAAF Airfields.
  • Full list of USAAF Airfields and a map will be provided.
  • Visits to World War Museums.
  • Opportunity to visit some USAAF Headquarters.

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